Standing, left to right: Michael Carlsson - bass, vocals / Torbjörn Andrén - guitar, vocals / Mats Ahlstedt - drums, vocals
Sitting: Anders Ohlsson - lead vocals, guitar

A heavy hardrock band from Sweden. Heavy in that old school sense, drawing inspiration from the glorious 70´s catalouges of such bands as Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Budgie, incorporating heavy riffing and dual guitar harmonies with strong, catchy vocals. A little eerie, or even doomy at times, but always laying the brickwork of good old heavy rock, and yet, with a modern touch. The members of Moonmagic are as old as their influences, which makes the music real and honest, because they´ve lived and breathed this for most of their lives. So, if you´re into the Heavy rock of the 70´s, you can´t really go wrong with Moonmagic.


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